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Re: Induce at 34 weeks?

A 34 weeker very well might need the NICU, but you also know how serious ICP can be. If you're biles are sky high or baby is stressed it very well could be best to induce at that point. Hopefully things will be stable and you can make it to 36-37 weeks.

My itching has been ramping up too. My bile acids when I first had any itching were at 9, so totally acceptable, but last pregnancy they never went above a 4...and I never itched as much as I have been this last week. I had mild ICP with babies #6 and we will wait and see. I've got enough issues this time that I get to start NST's next week at 30 weeks.

What did you're bile acids come back at?? Hope the itching isn't too insane!
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