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Re: BF'ing 1 and EP'ing for a 2nd?

Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon View Post
It sounds ignorant to you, maybe. But you don't know her reasons. All women have reasons for making the choices that they do. You have no way of knowing this woman's history or her breastfeeding issues, and to lay out a blanks statement like that makes you sound like the ignorant one.

FTR; I Nursed my DS for 30 months until my milk dried up during my second pregnancy, and my dd for 15 months when we weaned bc she had an allergic reaction to the medication I was taking. So my opinion isn't based on being defensive about my own decisions, but on being tired of how BF women talk about women who choose to FF.
I wasn't trying to talk down the SIL because she chose Formula. I FF my older 2 kids because I was an Uneducated about BF'ing Teen Mom. My whole Family FF so I never thought to breastfeed them. I said she sounded ignorant because of the fact that she wasn't willing to consider help from someone. What was it gonna cost her to be atleast grateful and say No nicely? Sorry if I offended anyone.

Originally Posted by VeganCupcake View Post
OP, your offer is wonderful. I have donated a lot, but like everyone else, my life is too hectic a lot of the time to pump at every feeding while also nursing and caring for my children. This is not an easy road you're going down if you don't have to to feed your baby.

Has your SIL gotten good quality help from an IBCLC? That her doctor said her milk doesn't have enough calories is a huge red flag for bad breastfeeding information. That's not what people who know breastfeeding would say.
I told her about meeting with an LC and she made an Appointment with one for Monday. Her sons Pedi was the one who told her this. They "diagnosed" him at 4 days old for losing 4 oz while she was having bleeding at every feeding. Honestly I think they just didn't want to "waste" their time educated her on what to do and how to handle the whole nipple situation.

Originally Posted by Van1300 View Post
You are so great for doing this!

Can uou also get her to EP? Maybe if she just focuses on pumping for a few weeks, she can get her supply up and you guys can share the job!
She started pumping again yesterday while giving him my milk, so hopefully she will start producing more milk. I told her to try and stick to the babys feeding schedule to pump. She is also trying to latch him on but its still causing her pain. I think he may be latching wrong or may have a tongue tie.
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