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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange

this is me. I think it's just personality.

I am extremely competitive and all that, but I also have difficulty focusing on things I don't prioritize and no amount of pushing me changes that. Mostly referring to how I was growing up when I was in band, etc. I was passionate about it - I loved it - but I was only so-coachable and then I wasn't.

I always said that I was a 'jack of all trades, master of none'. I was more interested in being good at lots of things than really great at one thing.
I am extremely competitive, aggressive in sports, "second place is the first loser" type personality, but the total opposite of you! Haha. I was like a sponge when I was a kid. Whatever I had to do to improve, I would do it 10x over. As long as I was the best, it didn't matter. When I was in HS, I lifted twice a day and ran 10 miles a day except for the day before game day (so usually 5-6x per week). And I was the strongest, fastest, and best at what I did - for the couple things I chose to be passionate about (like run a 5k in less than 19 minutes ).

But for the things I didn't *want* to invest in, I didn't excel. I couldn't be coached. I didn't care that my mother paid a ridiculous amount for weekly lessons from a university music teacher with a PhD in piano/music something or other. I didn't like the piano.

I think it's personality. If a kid really enjoys something, they will listen to someone who wants to help them improve (at least IME).
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