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Originally Posted by VeganCupcake

They diagnosed this problem at 4 days old? Most mothers don't even have mature milk at 4 days postpartum, and a baby's stomach is the size of a shooter marble at that stage. She has gotten very poor advice.

There is still plenty of hope that she will be able to EBF her own baby with some good quality help--emphasize that to her! If the first LC is not helpful, she should find another. LLL can help, too--leaders are always willing to help over the phone, and some will visit mothers at home.

Here is the IBCLC directory to help her find more qualified, certified LCs if she needs further help:
Yes thank you. I told her exactly what you have said. I will definitely give her this information. At 4 days old they told me my daughter wasnt gaining fast enough. I told them I'd come back for another weight check every week after that if I had to but I wasnt giving up. She wants to nurse so bad and is still willing to keep trying, especially now that her nipples are starting to heal.
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