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Originally Posted by court3189
I wouldn't remotely consider having a baby without maternity coverage, but our family has an inside view on how amazingly expensive healthcare costs can be......having had three very different pregnancies I wouldn't dare try to predict outcomes and take financial risks on this basis....
Oh so true! In an ideal world we could just birth at home with a couple hundred in birthing medical supplies and be good. But sometimes it's just not that way. My 3rd was an easy pregnancy, monitored by a MW for most of the pregnancy. Quick delivery and easy recovery. But at 10 days PP my world was turned upside down when I went into heart failure after several seizures. It ended up costing half a million easily for my care. 2 days in the ER, 6 days in the ICU, 2 days in a regular room, helicopter flight, 2 ambulance rides, echocardiograms, cardio-catheterization, heart biopsy and numerous other tests, meds and procedures. Every pregnancy since then has been high risk, perinatalogists, multiple u/s, cardiologist visits, echocardiograms, induction, lots of monitoring, etc. No way I could do it without insurance.
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