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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
Thanks mamas! I'm so happy for us, too! And, yes, we're team green - we've never found out with the others, except Elli, and we told each other we wouldn't unless something was wrong with Hiccup.
Besides that, they aren't supposed to even look for gender at the hospital u/s's here, so we would have had to really ask, kwim? We could always go to one of those "see baby" places (kwim?) but that's $$. Although, I do wonder if the kids wouldn't really like that - maybe for a xmas present for all of them or something?

Levi was really good (especially for a 2yr old who missed nap!) and so cute. When he saw the screen he said "That's my baby! In your belly, mama!". And the older kids were transfixed by the pics we brought home.
Sweetest news!!! Soooo happy for you.
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