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Originally Posted by Geckmumto3
To me, this might be the crux. Is it possible for a kid to enjoy something, be passionate about it, but not be coachable? Because, at the young age of nine, she loves her activities. But, she has never been a coachable kid (in all areas, not just sports/arts). It is, of course, possible (even likely) that she will find some passion that will click and suddenly she will be the most coachable kid ever.
For me at least, the two go hand in hand. I was never super passionate about anything that I didn't WANT coaching/criticism on. If I would rather be left alone to just "enjoy" it or do my own thing, it wasn't as important to me and I wasn't as passionate about it - therefore I didn't invest the extra energy into it of strategizing/practicing/learning/improving. Kwim? I would sit down with my English teachers in HS and college with a perfectly marked paper and ASK for something to be improved upon. Writing was a great passion of mine. After a soccer game of x country meet, even if we won or I led the group of runners, I would ask how we could've handled a play better or how I could've maneuvered an obstacle more effectively.

I'm sure that is 95% my personality, though, because there are a few things that DH is passionate about, and if he "passes", he is happy - his personality is just naturally more laid back and relaxed.

I don't think this is nearly as cut and dried as your DH would like it to be. Not an easy question, for sure!
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