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I have KP and insane dry skin on my arms and legs. From just my experience I would say scratching. Any time I scratch, and catch a KP spot (similar to ingrown hair spots), it rips the layer of skin on/around the follicle off and always bleeds and/or leaves a tiny hole. Usually both. And if it can't heal (from more scratching for example) it gets bloodier and bigger.

I would definitely have it checked out to be safe, but in the beginning of winter when I get 10937742727821x drier, my arms and legs look like that if I scratch.

It totally sucks and never goes away. It always made me super self conscious, because my legs and arms looked like I had razor burn or something 24/7. Loofahs help a lot, and can jar the skin over and around the follicle loose without bleeding and issue. Stick her in the tub/shower, hand her a loofah mitt and let her go to town if she needs to scratch. Then lotion it up!

Also, sal****er. I don't know why, but sal****er makes KP drastically decrease for me. Chlorine also, but who wants to swim in the winter? LOL. You would think it would make it worse, but when it gets really bad for me in the winter, sal****er baths for a few days make it SO much better. I wouldn't do it right now with open places all over obviously, but I figured I'd pass along the tip and see if it could help you later on!

ETA: Random side note, are sure she has dandruff? Seborrheic dermatitis and KP go hand in hand for me and a surprisingly good number of people I know with KP. It's basically cradle cap, but not in babies. And can be in little or large spots. Just curious.

ETA2: Really? Salt.water. Gah.

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