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Re: Having a baby today - heading out for the hosp!

Baby is here, and it's a BOY! No name just yet.

As expected labor and delivery were easy. That part I can do pregnancy, not so much. They finally started the induction at noon and baby was born at 8 something pm. He was 6 and a half pounds and very healthy! No respiratory distress, and he's nursing really great. He looks just like my 38 Werner did. He'd about the same size and behaves the same. It's such a relief that he is healthy and doing do well.

The older kids are totally in love with him, and they just couldn't put him down yesterday. Poor dh got almost no time with the baby. He's about as cute as can be of course, and so far a really easy baby. I'm glad we didn't risk waiting any longer. He is ready, and my icp didn't have a chance to affect him. We discovered that my titers were going up, too, but thankfully he was Coombs negative.

So all is well! I feel fabulous, the baby is healthy, and now the fun part begins!
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