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Re: Leap Frog Question

My son got a LeapFrog (the old one, not the tablet) when he was 3. Currently they're 4 & 7 and playing it together as I sit here on my laptop. The games are too easy for him at 7 (but that's more him - I think some of the games he has could totally be age appropriate for a different kid) but she loves having him help her. It definitely helped him with his basic math facts (which might be part of the reason he's beyond it).

As for Kindle/Nook/adult tablet vs a kids one - honestly, I'd buy a kids one, either the Leapster or Nabi. I don't think that little kids need a real one. 4, 5, 6 years down the road, sure but there's no reason for them to have one at this age. DS just got a DS (that's confusing) last Christmas and we really prefer that he learn to love *actual* books (he does, he goes through 6-10 chapter books, 4-5th grade level, a week) before we move over to electronic ones. The aps and games for the more adult tablets tend to be more gamey and less educational, while the Leapster ones focus on educational value. The best way to learn & memorize math facts is through repetition and these games actually provide a fun way to do it. I'm sure part of it is genetic, but my DS is literally grades above most of his classmates in terms of those things.
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