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Re: My kids opened their presents

LOL my son did this around the same age

He is almost 8 now, and recently diagnosed w/ADHD. I didn't punish him for the gift-opening, just told him that it wasn't okay and put the rest of the gifts away. Not seeing gifts under the tree made him sad enough, and punishments have generally been ineffective with him.

I love the suggestion of putting the gifts up high where the boys can see them but not play with them.

Another idea is to just totally take down all the Christmas stuff and tell them that since they opened their gifts Christmas celebration at your house is over, and they will get their presents on Christmas Day. Then I would put it all away and put the gifts away until Christmas Day.

I must be soft-hearted, I think it would be *very* hard to look at all those presents for a month and not be least they peeked rather than completely tear open the wrapping (that's what my son did).
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