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Re: My kids opened their presents

Originally Posted by Terra View Post
I think I'm the only one who thinks it not a big deal, and honestly I totally

I did the same thing as a child. Here's another perspective. To me the quest to find out what I got was much more fun than being surprised on Christmas morning. And trust me I still had a great time when I finally got to fully open and play with the stuff!

It truly was the hunt for me. I'd hunt all through the house. Sometimes I found things, sometimes I didn't. When my mom put the presents under the tree a few days before Christmas, I would feel, and shake and smell seeing if I could figure it out. And then when my mom was somewhere else I'd actually get a butter knife, splice the tape open, take a peek, and retape. She never knew that until I was an adult and told her The rest she knew and honestly it was like a little game.

My kiddos are 6 and 4 and full of curiousty. To save myself headache, nothing goes out until Christmas eve mainly. It's not a battle that's important to me at the moment.
This is exactly what I did as a kid. Especially waiting until she was gone and I was home alone, then open the gifts and retape Guess I can't be too mad that they got my genes.

Thanks ladies for all the responses I feel so much better now
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