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Thanks guys! I feel a bit better. I just read this blog about how this mom made sure to put her babies down in different places/just drowsy, etc. and how they were sttn and great mappers because of it and how she only "let" them sleep an hour and a half. Let? I wanted to do serious damage at that little word.

Anyway, I can't swaddle because she hates it, has since week 2. I swaddled dd1 for 5 months, so I know that they can pitch a fit while doing it, but then settle. DD2 didn't sleep over 1/2 hour at night until I stopped. She fought it the whole time. And at night I have the closet light on/door open for a night light and day it's very dark with black out curtains. So, it's not that

She just HAS to move. Even when I'm holding her, I have to either be rocking or bouncing, or she wriggles and screams. She's ok in the swing sometimes. And I let her nap in there a lot. Usually I try the crib first, then when she wakes, I transfer her to the swing. Sometimes that works, other times she's awake - even if she was bawling from tiredness before going down and awake after 5min. Other times she sleeps for 2+ hours in the swing. How in the world am I supposed to have consistency?

I don't think there's an answer. I just needed to vent.
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