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confused about how to phrase invitations....

This year my daughter will be 5 and have her first "big girl" party....meaning her friends that she chooses to invite, probably a half dozen friends plus her sisters and cousin that have to be included whether she likes it or not

I want to let parents know that they are welcome to drop off....actually this is strongly preferred. If they decide to stay, i dont want siblings there. i just had a baby on the 15th and really would rather keep this small. i dont want people hanging around or a ton of younger kids needing to be entertained or included. Keep in mind that all but one of the kids invited are families that we have known for years. The plus side is probably all will be okay with dropping off but the down side is that they are all so familiar at my house, I could see them ignoring the invitation and showing up whenever or however they want.

Is there anything I can put on the invitation that says it if for the one kid invited only? no dropping off siblings, no coming in and hanging out with the siblings during the party. I dont want to end up feeding 50 people! all the girls invited have multiple siblings mostly
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