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Re: I could use some advice...

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
I'm going to be real honest...

I am a busy person. It is not that I don't care it was your child's birthday. But honestly, unless there is a party, I often don't remember. I don't intentionally miss my nieces and nephew's birthdays. But I also don't call to acknowledge them either, because between work, my kids, and the million other things going on in my life, most of the time, I don't remember that it is your kid's birthday.

Sounds harsh, but that is the truth, at least for me. No party generally will mean no acknowledgement.
This. I have 6 siblings, only 2 of them regularly acknowledge my children's birthdays if there is no party. I am completely unbothered by it. I only remember one of my nieces birthdays and that is because it is on a holiday.
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