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Re: confused about how to phrase invitations....

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
'Unfortunately we are unable accommodate siblings, at this time! You are welcome to chaperone your child, if you desire, but it's not necessary- we got it covered!'

Or something~ idk. Lol

I personally do not drop my 5.5 yr old with any adults I do not personally know.
I absolutely agree with the bolded. In this case, these girls are all from families that I have known for 10 years (except for one family). I went to all their baby showers and visited their moms when the daughters were definitely not strangers. Actually, we probably know way too much about each other if anything LOL

Now the one newer family is a girl that is new to my daughters school this year. Her mom and I are on friendly terms and her mom even came and brought us dinner when my son was born. So we all know each other, just not super super close like the other families. I am hoping she will be okay with her daughter coming over to the party because her daughter is actually 7 or 8.
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