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Re: Coach-abilty

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post

That was my point earlier. I am still passionate about music, would love to play in a community symphony again someday. But.... Even with private lessons, I didn't focus on it like I should have. That didn't lessen how much I enjoyed it or how much I wanted to excel in it. But I can't explain why I just blew off practice, etc. it was just my personality.

When I got older, I was a bit jealous of people who had more drive to perfection, but it still didn't change me.

Now? I don't know, I might have reached an age of patience and maturity where I could force myself to focus more on things like that.

Does she have horrible handwriting? Lol - it seems related to me.
YES! Well, maybe not horrible, but it's not great either. Does she care? Nope.

Originally Posted by aaiya View Post
I had a new boss (sales position) once ask me if I was coachable. Of course, I told him yes. But in reality, I don't like people trying to micromanage me and tell me what to do and call it "coaching." Just let me know the resources are there...let me know where to find the information I need to improve or whom I need to ask...and when I'm ready, I'll ask.
THIS is exactly who I think she is. She has always been a person who needs to figure things out on her own. Give her the supplies and the environment and she will figure it out, if she wants to. If I had been a helicopter mom, we probably would have eaten each other by now.

In our house, this also goes hand in hand with always learning things the hard way, often through a child injuring herself or someone else. On the plus side, I tend to think this type of person knows herself and learns a lot, too.
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