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Re: I could use some advice...

I think it just depends on the person how you are going to feel on this one. My aunts and uncles never called me on my birthday growing up, and we were super close, they were like second parents to me. It just wasn't something we did. I don't think twice about it now when my kids aunts and uncles (15 of them) don't call on their birthday's.

We do try and throw a small family party for each child every year, but it is nothing expensive or fancy. I make a main dish and a cake, everyone else brings a side and we just hang out at the house. We've never spent more than $100 on even the most extravagant party we threw, and we have a HUGE family. That way each child gets a little bit of acknowledgement for their special day.

My MIL has 10 kids and does even less, she invites whoever wants to come over for dessert on the child's birthday, we sing happy birthday and bring a small gift. It probably cost her $5 for the cake, but we all get to celebrate.
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