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Re: Bedding for 13 year old girl?

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! My dd has special needs, so she won't ever be moving out, but I definitely want her to love it and use it for years to come!

Here is a bit more info. My girls share a master bedroom, they are now 7 and 13 but when we moved here they were 2.5 and 8. The room is very young looking with butterflies and flowers everywhere and I think they have both outgrown it. I am updating the room little by little as I can, and as part of their holiday gift this year I wanted each girl to have a new quilt.

The furniture is all white and the room is panted this color: it is less intense than it looks, actually a very pretty color.

I am trying to update their stuff to reflect their individual likes and dislikes. My middle daughter *loves* all things space and planet related and has recently put up a solar system mobile and glow in the dark planets. I purchased her this quilt: and I know its probably going to clash with everything! LOL! I am hoping to find something for my older girl that will not look horrible next to it. I have a land of nod outlet near me so that is where I am looking b/c the prices are great, but I am open to other possibilities as well. My older girl used to love love love hot pink, but I think she's outgrowing that a bit. She is still very girl but likes things that are a bit spunky as well. I also plan to get new curtains for them also.

here are some things I was thinking of, do you ladies think any of these would look ok with the planets quilt? Do any of them look like they would work for an older girl?

and I was thinking about these for the curtain rod. too young?
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