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Re: I could use some advice...

Originally Posted by s@hmommy View Post
I have 18 nieces and nephews and several of them are my age and ttc. There is simply no way myself or my siblings can keep up with that many birthdays nor afford that many gifts, so we mutually decided many years ago birthdays aren't a big deal. We are all still very close and love each other no less. The same was true for my mothers family (she is one of 15 children), and they too are all very close. Buying each other stuff isn't what makes a family. It's a nice thought if that's what you want to do, I just don't think it is something worth getting upset over.
I wasn't specifically saying "you", just saying I, too, come from a big family. oops, should have said that first. I'm sorry. I hope to have 18 nieces and nephews someday! Half of my siblings aren't married and having babies yet, so I think I'll get there. As long as you all are happy with what you all agreed on, then it's not a big deal. It is hard when it's not discussed firsthand though before doing away with a tradition... that is where hurt feelings probably come into play. It's not the buying, but the "thinking of you". Like I said we don't spend a lot, but calling is a must. We, siblings, talked awhile ago and decided not to give each other birthday presents (adult siblings), but I still like to give a $5 gift card or mail some homebaked goods to them but know not to expect anything back (which is perfectly fine). I do expect a lot of phone calls on my birthday though and catching up if I'm home!
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