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Re: Quick help - MMR vax and where to put emla patch

Originally Posted by burnsis View Post
I don't think the numbing cream does much good really. My ds had to get stitches a couple of weeks ago. They put numbing cream on him, and then said for us to wait about half an hour for it to take effect. We waited longer than that. The doc came in and wanted to give him numbing shots since the cream wouldn't be enough. He definitely felt the numbing shots and screamed like no tomorrow, so I don't think the cream did anything at all to lessen his pain. And he still screamed when they put the stitches in, so I don't even know that the numbing shots did much either
My son get shots and blood draws. I never bothered to ask for it. I think it would help with a blood draw but since I am never sure where they will find a viable vein to tap I just skip it. Poor boy has bad veins and tons of scaring from blood draws over the years so his best veins are now unusable. I have been thinking about trying this Buzzy for pain relief since it can be moved to another area if the vein rolls or blows during a draw. I just wish I knew how effective Buzzy is but I may try it anyway because the blood draws are so traumatizing.

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