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Re: Potty training for non-walking toddler?

She doesn't pee at night. She floods her diaper as soon as she wakes up. If she does pee at night, she will fuss at us to be changed. (My son was the same way. He didn't pee in his sleep as a baby or toddler. I'm lucky! He had maybe 3 night accidents from potty trained to age 5!)
So far she is not liking her potty chair. I think I'm going to buy her a more conventional one. We have one similar to the Baby Bjorn Smart potty. She has to straddle it and she won't sit for me or her Dad. He says he's is not going to take her anymore (when he goes) because the fact that he stands might confuse her. (*I told him to just sit down! LOL!)
****On a VERY happy side note. She stood up 5 or 6 times today without any help or using something to pull up. She even took a step before she fell! We are super excited! ***
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