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Baby-proofing advice needed

What have you all done to get your homes ready for a soon-to-be mobile LO?
My husband and I disagree about this--he says we don't need to do much because we will always be supervising. I'm thinking we at least need to cover outlets, baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, door handle cover to the basement stairs and cabinet locks under the sink and in the bathrooms. Oh--and shorten the blind cords.

Is my husband right? Do we not need to do as much as I think we do? He does have a point about the supervision because we have 2 dogs and while they are good with LO, they are still animals and I won't ever leave LO in a place where they could get at him if I'm not right there. So, for example, if I have to go to the bathroom or shower etc., LO goes into his crib or pack-n-play.

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