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We are pretty laid back but these things were useful-

- we put in outlet covers, just the super cheapies. DD has never shown any interest, she would much rather use her fork to get food :-). No need to buy the pricey ones right away.
- gate at the top of the steps was crucial, bottom not so much. However, my cousins kids came over before DD was fully mobile... Immediately ran up the steps and fell all the way down!
- they will be able to reach cabinet drawers etc before you know it.
- make sure you know where your bathroom keys are - you know the funny stick-looking thing? DD was about 16 mos when she toddled into the bathroom - dH thought no biggie, there is literally nothing for her to get, right? Well, she slammed the door shut and somehow locked it, locking herself alone in the dark ;-(. Dh later found the key. IN the bathroom. Bad idea!
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