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Re: Buyer received empty package

Originally Posted by essential1892 View Post
This happened to me on ebay- I sold a $60 gift card and the buyer received an empty envelope with a note from the post office. She sent me a picture of the box and I refunded her all of her money. I am now out all of that money and there is nothing I can do about it. I honestly cannot stand the USPS and if UPS was cheaper I would ship through them.
I am in a dispute with UPS right now they are not any better. their drivers have no respect for your packages or at least they don't around here they have stood at my gate and thrown my package at my porch and also left packages outside of my gate right next to the city sidewalk the last one was stolen when I called to tell them tracking showed it was delivered and it wasnt here they asked the driver who said he left it between the doors which he has never done. I was sitting in my living room right inside the door at the time they say it was delivered I would have heard him if he opened the screen door. they said their insurance would cover it if I reported it stolen so I did that was over 2 weeks ago and I have heard nothing. I m so frusterated with them this was a christmas gift...
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