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Originally Posted by PinkLemonade7503

It protects both. Nobody wants anyone to lose items, or money. OP, did you offer insurance? If they turned it down, then in my opinion, they took a risk and lost. If you did not think to offer it, I feel like the burden is more on you. I would talk to the PO, and then if the items are not located reimburse your customer.

I always ship in boxes.

Also, about the gift cards- the post office uses these automatic sort machines. Something like a gift card can get stuck in it and the envelope tears. Cards much smaller than their envelopes can also do this, as well as any other small items. I ordered a book mark off of etsy and the seller kept sending it in a bill envelope. I kept getting empty envelopes.
Nope. If the package doesn't make it, items are lost or they are damaged, the seller ALWAYS has to refund if it was a PayPal transaction. It doesn't matter if insurance is there. The buyer WILL get a refund regardless, if they open a claim. Insurance is to reimburse the seller, if they are forced to give a refund.

And as a PP said, there are no disclaimers. It doesn't matter what you say. Your rules aren't PayPal's, and theirs are all that count. If you rely on your own, you're in for a rude awakening.

Sorry OP, that you're in this spot. I would ask for a picture and then refund on my own if they provide one of the note and package. If they don't, you can leave it up to claims, and they'll have to at least show them proof. Sorry mama!

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