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Re: Buyer received empty package

Originally Posted by essential1892 View Post
This happened to me on ebay- I sold a $60 gift card and the buyer received an empty envelope with a note from the post office. She sent me a picture of the box and I refunded her all of her money. I am now out all of that money and there is nothing I can do about it. I honestly cannot stand the USPS and if UPS was cheaper I would ship through them.
Honestly, this screams "buyer scam" all over.

I'm one of those who believes that postal theft is rare enough that I would sooner believe that the buyer is conning you. And if you sent the GC in a box, as you say, it's even more far-fetched. There have been countless cases of buyers scamming sellers over gift cards on eBay. I'd notify eBay so they have it on record that this buyer has claimed to not have received a gift card, in case he/she does it repeatedly.

The postal note that the buyer "took of photo of" could easily be a fake one (if he's a professional scam artist) or he could be re-using an old note that he's kept over the years, over and over.
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