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Re: Baby-proofing advice needed

Originally Posted by DottieHarley View Post
Oddly enough, one of my bosses mentions (regularly) that when his kids were little he once went to Sams or etc, and got a bunch of tp. Got a lot of funny looks loading it all in the car.
Took it home and built a fence for LO out of it. In front of every potential hazard, he just piled up TP.
I guess maybe his wife was away?
He mentioned this to me EVERY DAY while I was pg.
This sounds like something my husband would do.

I found that it was easiest to focus most of our baby-proofing energy on one room where I could plop my kid(s) when I needed to get something done. Remove everything sharp, anything that could tip over, anything breakable, etc.

Neither of my kids showed any interest in electrical outlets until we stuffed those safety plugs in them, and then they were suddenly the coolest. thing. ever. The outlet plates that have the covers that you shave to slide over before you can plug something in worked much better for us.

But yes, you definitely need to do *some* baby-proofing because it's nearly impossible to stay sane if you have to keep your eyes directly on your kid 24/7.
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