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Two Sbish OBFs in natural, size Large. No stains, elastic and snaps in perfect condition, Ecover soft. These are from Fall 2011. They seem to be running smaller than newer Larges, not sure if they shrunk down or if they ran smaller that batch. I included a picture on top of a newer OBF to show the difference. Measuring closer to a medium in rise. I just bought these used (not here), but the rise is too short for my guy. Wish I had known better when I bought, so take advantage of my honesty! $32 $30ppd for the pair.

Here are the exact measurements:

Rise: 17" (if I really stretch I get 18")
Waist: 14"-21"
Thigh: 8"-13"

So they are mostly in line with sloombs size chart for large, with the exception of the rise being about 1" short.

Please feel free to PM or post questions. I ship super fast! Thanks for looking!

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