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Re: Low/No Purine Recipes (ie Gout Diet) I need Vegan help!

I think I'm just going to have to lots of experimenting. It is just hard because the kids need protein. I don't want to have to make 2 meals. I don't live near any Whole Foods or Trader Joes type stores. (I basically have to shop at Walmart or a very small store that is over priced and has nasty produce!) I'm going to go drive to the nearest real "city" and go shopping this weekend to buy somethings I can't get locally.
I'll ask DH about Free-range. He might know someone that has chickens or know someone that knows someone. (That is how we get Rabbit.)
We do lots of Cherry Juice and fresh cherries. I'll order him some concentrate stuff online.
I do cook lots of chicken already. I'm just focusing more on all the no-nos that we (him,me, and DS) love that we will be giving up. Hopefully I can put together a few easy go to recipes.
We do Southwest Chicken Casserole but I use corn tortillas cut into strips instead of noodles. I love Couscous. (It's so quick!) But DH is really on board with making some changes in theory ... I just have to make sure his taste buds are on board too!
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