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Re: Help me find a good family dog.

Is there a Golden rescue near you? We have a 4 year old Golden that was given up by her owner and she is wonderful. We got her in April. My kids climb on her, grab her bones and treats, get into her food, pull her fur (we stop them but we don't always catch them before they are tugging on her) and she just keeps on smiling. She is wonderful. She doesn't jump and I never have to worry when we have playdates here because she is sweet and calm with all children. She's truly a people

ETA: There is extra work, a lot of it, like PP mentioned. That was what I was worried about when we got her. Really worried. I felt so anxious when we got her because our late Husky was very high needs. Lola is actually very easy and doesn't seem like hard work at all but I know we are lucky. Some dogs are not this well behaved and that definitely is something to consider.
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