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Re: How do you "keep" your honey?

Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
I always buy a 4lb jar from a local souce and just keep it in the cupboard. Towards the end it may get a little cristally (is that even a word) but I use it anyway. I just warm it up and the crystals dissapear. i use it in a ton of stuff

As for uses:
~in my latte every morning
~in my oatmeal every morning
~on PB sandwiches
~on pancakes
~in bread or other baked goods that call for sugar or corn syrup
~in granola
~in granola bars
~on corn bread
~when we have coughs/sore throat we start with honey
~I made a peach honey butter (like apple butter) this summer
~mixed in plain or vanilla yogurt
~in smooties
~mixed in homemade applesauce
~in salad dressing
I made a dressing for a fruit salad this summer that had honey, basil,
lemon juice over fresh berries and quania
~mix with mustard for dipping sauce for chicken
~use as a glaze (with other ingredients) for chicken, pork, turkey
~mix with cream cheese, yogurt, honey dip for apples or pears
Yes, all of these! Plus, if it's local, we do a spoonful every day for allergies.

ETA: We just keep it in the jar purchased in, in a cabinet away from the light. I don't have issues with it crystallizing but we do go thru it relatively quickly.
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