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I'm been super run down latley. I napped on the couch this week while the kids played in the living room and let DS watch cartoon when he woke up this moring so I could sleep a little longer.

Originally Posted by happymama1
so I got my cottonbabies package in the mail today....containing 4 flip covers from the B1G1 sale from black friday.....good thing I ordered all BOY colors (because I was pretty sure this baby was a boy)....only to find out on Tuesday we are having a girl

Oh well, now I have an equal number of Flips and Econobum covers (my favorites) for a boy or girl...and I don't mind using the boy colors on a girl...blues and green and orange

Just ironic I suppose...
Boy, green and orange are all fine for a girl

Amanda . Blaming my phone for typos and crap.
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