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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Thanks for the tips!!!

I went down and spent a little time with them. None of them are aggressive or peck at me at all. They ALL did the first few days after I brought them home, but now they all just pretty much run (except for one of the girls, who lets me hold and cuddle her now! <3 )

So, I have the three boys. We will call the big one Goliath, the little one David, and the "normal" sized one Bob.

When my hand went in the brooder, ALL of the chicks fled to the corner. Teriyaki eventually let me pick her up and hold her for a few minutes, but none of them pecked or puffed up.

When I left them alone, I observed them eating. All the girls ate while Goliath stood watch. The other boys ate with the girls, but Bob ate a little, then he took his "post" to watch everyone else. He stayed on the floor, while Goliath perched up on their little box house.

David just kept eating with the girls. He is significantly smaller than the rest. So, the chances of him getting picked on are probably higher for him.

I think it comes down to Goliath and Bob. Goliath is so darn freakin' handsome. There's something about him that just makes him look like a little boss. But that also makes me a little nervous.

Bob is pretty unassuming. He just blends in with the girls. To be honest, I had to really pay attention to notice him keeping guard of the rest. Goliath ALWAYS stands out as the boss-man.

So I guess I am leaning towards keeping Bob. He's the same size as all the girls, and so far shows some protective/watchful qualities, but he doesn't look like he's segregating himself from the group as much.

OMG chicken psychology! AAAHHH!
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