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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Thanks Bekki!

Great news you had the time to watch and carefully pick out a man for your flock! yay! I think you did great the way you decided. hope Bob turns out to be a wonderfull protector and pet.

So I managed to get tomorrows thread up, lol. Lots of pics this one, hehe. I just felt this breed. It just looks like a December chicken.

Hope you all enjoy the breed for the month. I wish I had had time to add my thoughts and experiences. Such a KIND hearted breed!

So I called and left a message with a livestock vet in town. Really hoping for a call back. It was regarding Patients. I want to find her a home where perhaps they can afford a vet? Better handfeeding formula? I don't know, better outlook. It's a real longshot. I need someone that can be trusted to keep her provided with grinded food at all times and hand feed 3 times a day for now. Weigh her daily for now, and give her a forever home. Someone that won't eat her or toss her in with other chickens that may pick on her. She has to have a lamp for sure atm and be inside because she has no body fat. That's a lot of needs. Not counting holding and love. She NEEDS lots of cuddles. Spoiled girl!

If I can't find this perfect home, she had to thrive for me or I will have to put her down. If the vet doesn't call back, I'll contact some on-line chicken sites for help. That is if she starts to gain. She's kinda stuck atm.

OHHHH! I took her to sit in the sun today on the front portch. She was so happy. She walked around some and Daisy May knocked down the little angle statue. I went down 1 step to grab it and she cam-a-runnin. Hoped down the step and jumped in my lap. Who could ask for a sweeter little girl. I pray she finds the loving forever home she deserves. <3
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