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not sure if this counts?

I went in for an ultrasound at 38 weeks to try to get a 4d ultrasound before dd was born. when they did the ultrasound the technician never said anything about the baby which was somewhat worrisome. once I got back to the exam room the midwife came in and told me that I had a 5 week leg on my ultrasound. my dd came into this world via emergency c section at 38w6d weighing 4lbs 13ozs and measuring at 18 inches. I was told later on that I had placental failure and that's why my baby had stopped growing. does that make my baby a preemie who was born at term? or how would that be classified. people constantly ask me why she's still so tiny and I struggle to explain it all out to them but I don't know if I could say she was a preemie. I would feel like I was making light of the struggles of preemie moms who spend months at the hospital with their nicu babies. so I don't want to offend any Mommas if I do say dd was a preemie.
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