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Re: So Dissapointed! Blueberry Bambo Flats, anyone else?

Originally Posted by Ariomi View Post
I hope you guys don't have this problem when your flats come in. I'm starting to think about exchanging these for a few of the blueberry trainers.... All of a sudden dd2 (13mo) doesn't want a diaper on and is tugging at them and crying whenever she's put in one. Maybe its a stage though. What do you all think of the trainers?
I loved their trainers, and a small is pretty tiny, but they are not waterproof.

I filed that form on Tuesday had a response on Wednesday that required a response from me, which I sent immediately and still haven't heard back with what I'm supposed to do, and as it is the weekend I know I won't hear back before Monday. That's not what I would call quick.
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