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Re: Nov Chat - Aug '11 babies

Originally Posted by mommabritt View Post
I have heard SO much controversy about the diets, it's overwhelming. And with his already limited foods I have no idea how I would get him to eat! I have also heard its very expensive. :/ But if kicking out certain foods controlled his behaviors and helped the emotional outbursts it would be worth it.
It i so frustrating and such a struggle. There are so many conflicting things out there. It is so hard. I basically re-arranged alot of what we eat. I am not as strict now bc we live in an area that does not have options. I do do my shopping an hr away but we do gluten and limit dairy.

When I first started cutting out dairy Blu was addicted!! He was having these major tantrums! When I took him off he was a completely different kid. I also took away dyes and foods with perservatives. DH would make fun of me bc I would always associate a bad tantrum with food dyes and he would say someting like "The evil M&Ms" but there was a noticeable difference and dh had to admit it.

They go to a preschool that feeds them candy like it is there job. I do not complain but I allow it. They get the dyes, preservatives all that and there are emotional breakdowns every other day and lack of eye contact like eye darting.

I just try to stay strict on the no-preservatives or natural perservatives, food dyes, and dairy--although they do do cheese and ice cream at times. I think the ice cream and treats are important to daddy, so we have been able to find balance without me spazing out.

I do not want you to think that I think that this is the way and only way or a fix and blah blah blah. But I am a food is your medicine type of person and look for those answers before having to do the medication route. And if all else does not work or it could be better then medication is a must. But I do think you are doing a great job!!
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