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Re: Nov Chat - Aug '11 babies

Originally Posted by estradaamyl View Post
Hugs for both of you! I'm not sure which is worse. Sick or defiant child? They both suck. Izzy has been driving me crazy lately. I'm sure it's no where close to what you are dealing with, but it makes me feel better to know I'm not alone!

Our whole "no presents for Christmas" totally backfired. And we seriously have no money to be buying stuff. Ugh.

UGH! Christmas!!

We have not even began to shop but we have a list.

It is just so tough bc once we get all the presents we have to get all the food! And I think the food is the most important part to a perfect christmas but it hurts!

We do not go crazy buying for others though. I have my sil and sister buying gifts for the grandparents and we are writing them checks. Then I just have to get for my nephews bc I do not exchange with my sister. On dh side we do not exchange with dh's brothers family--we are all under an agreement the less stuff the better. And the only other thing is gift card for dhs single sister who buys for the boys bit we told her not to get for us. So that just basically leaves us and we are trying to limit that. I think we are doing ok with sticking with a budget.

If there is anything you need let me know I will look. Not good in the girl area but may have some boy stuff.
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