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Re: So Dissapointed! Blueberry Bambo Flats, anyone else?


So I was about to call swaddle bees this morning because I filled out the form online to get a return # and it said I was supposed to get one within 24hrs...That was thursday...I didn't hear back until today, I had an email from their customer service manager. Good thing I checked the email before calling!

She asked me to confirm my mailing address and said she would have replacements sent out as soon as possible. I wrote back confirming and within 30min or so I had a reply back from her saying they did not require the flats back and that they were processing my warrently claim and sending replacements. I'm happy with this result! I don't know why others seem to have different experiances. I did send pictures of the defect and a picture of my proof of purchase when I filled out the form online, maybe it was the degree of damage? Either way I sucks that you guys have had this same defect. Its a shame because the flats are very nice, I think they jsut need more quality control!
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