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Re: Toddler running from you?

firstly, I'd chase her around the house or yard as often as possible. They love to be chased. So, if you can fill that need in a safe way, you may not have as many problems when you're out in public.

after that, you can make it a rule in a parking lot that they have to touch the car - they actually sell little magnet hand prints and you have your child put their hand on the hand print if you need a moment before you can put them in the car. If it's while walking in the parking lot, I hold her hand and I hold her wrist - she isn't getting away. If I don't have enough hands to hold her hand, then I have a cart or I carry her.

As for in the stores.. whew... well, I had an incident a month or so ago that was not fun looking for her, so now I generally use a cart every single time. but, if she's having a hard time being in the cart and if there's a reason when I feel like I want to accomodate her, I let her push the cart and that keeps her near me and she loves to push it. If it's a store without carts, I generally give her a little leeway as long as I can see her and she's coming back upon request.

but that's also why I do most shopping online
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