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Re: Toddler running from you?

Many people didn't/don't like the solution we came up with. We used a leash and harness. 12 years ago I had to make my own. My kids are runners. They could not be reasoned with. I used to be opposed to them until my dd pulled her hand from mine, darted between a group of people and under the clothing rack. The store had to call a CODE ADAM. The first and last time I have had to have it called on my kiddos. We now use it as soon as we have signs of running. She was found on the opposite side of the store hiding on the shelves among the furniture.

I would rather have a leash and harness on my child and listen to rude superior sounding people making rude comments than have my child injured by climbing(they were climbers as well) or harmed by some stranger.
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