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Re: Toddler running from you?

OP, I love your siggy, we wood be good friends IRL, I think.

When DS was going through that phase, I would make sure to not give him the opportunity in dangerous places - parking lots, etc. He was in a cart or a stroller or I would carry him.

In stores, he lost privileges when he ran away, which meant that instead of walking he had to sit in the cart and get buckled in. We were very consistent with that, and he learned quickly. At other places, like the library, if he tried to run away we would just leave. It was a huge pain to go through all the work of getting ready to go somewhere just to turn around and go back home, but we only had to do that a few times and he learned not to run away in those places, as well.

He's 2.5 now and (if I do say so myself ) extraordinarily well behaved when it comes to sticking close.
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