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Re: Toddler running from you?

I keep the contained as much as possible, even when I go out with my 3 (5, 4 and almost 2) and the little boy I babysit (16 months) I get a car cart at the grocery store and put the 3 youngest in there, and then my 5 year old has to stand right next to the cart, sometimes with his hand on the cart if he is not keeping up.

Whenever possible they are worn, in carts or strollers and if not then holding hands. Only 5 year old and *sometimes* my 4 year old are allowed to walk anywhere at all without being contained by holding a hand. By the time they are old enough that I let them walk on their own, they are so used to be right with me, it's not an issue.

My toddler may want to walk, but I don't let her unless I am sure that I can hold her hand the entire time. Otherwise, it's just not even an option as it's too much temptation to run or get into things.
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