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Anyone have pics of a 8-14lb baby in a BG Newborn and BG 4.0 for comparing

I am trying to decide if I should spend the $ on newborn diapers or just try to go straight to the One-Size BG 4.0s. Our last baby was 8lbs 3oz and and gained quickly and this one will prob be around there. I really don't want bulk on my newborn so am really thinking I would like some BG Newborn diapers but want to know if they can fit to 13 or 14lbs......

So...I think it would really help and I would love to see some pics or hear experiences of the bg newborn dipes on 10/11/12/13/14lb babies to see if they will fit that long because I would ultimately like to start the OS BG 4.0s at the 14ish lb range(although dont know if possible). I have read that a lot of ppl have to stop using the BG newborns because of absorbancy issues not because of outgrowing them size wise but couldn't laying a little newborn bamboo terry doubler or something in the diaper fix that issue?!! Thoughts?!!

Any more pics would really be appreciated )

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