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Re: Sleep training

Ahh, I see what you are asking. Unfortunately, she might be just a stinker about it for a little while. Two of my babies did that same thing in the early weeks. Something to distract her like a mobile or the Fisher Price Ocean Aquarium works really well for many babies, or a swing or bouncer. She will likely grow out of it. And if the daycare provider can't hold her for naps, she also will probably learn to not expect it after a few weeks.

I hope you don't mind a little spam, but I do have an EUC white noise machine FSOT. It is this one ( for $30ppd. I could ship it asap. We bought it new 2 years ago but my oldest son no longer uses it. I do not have the box. DH and I sleep with one like it every night. It is awesome, very adjustable.

I hope your daughter lets you sleep tonite!

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