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Re: Sleep training

just read the OP.

personally, I believe in what's called the '4th trimester', which is the first 3-4 months of life outside the womb. Babies go from this environment where they're constantly held 24/7 and food is available on demand, etc. And we take them out of our bodies and expect them to quickly adjust to being put down, etc.

I don't think any sleep training is a good idea before the end of the 4th trimester and I believe that it's impossible to spoil a newborn with being held.

So, I would hold the baby, cosleep, whatever you gotta do.

Now, you could most definitely watch the 'happiest baby on the block', which I highly recommend and it will tell you very gently ways to make your baby feel like they are in the womb when they are not - heartbeat machine, swaddle, swinging (on high, not low), pacifier, etc.

I do understand where you are - exhausted, etc. The Happiest Baby on the Block helped us immensely.

but to cry it out? for even 5minutes? that's definitely too young in my book.
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