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Re: Anyone have pics of a 8-14lb baby in a BG Newborn and BG 4.0 for comparing

No pics, but my dd1 had super skinny legs and didn't fit well in the 4.0s till she was way older (7 lb 2 oz at birth). With her I should have invested in size small diapers, she took forever to really fit into an OS diaper. DD2 (7 lb 4 oz at birth) on the other hand has nice meaty thighs and would have fit in the 4.0s pretty quickly, but her cord didn't fall off for 3 weeks. She went straight from NB to OS.

I really liked Diaper Rite nb prefolds and Thirsties Duo size 1 covers for the first few weeks, they fit under the cord and they fit under her clothes. I do think they are worth it.
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