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Re: Sleep training

I haven't read all the other suggestions, but one good book I've read on sleep habits is Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child by Marc Weissbluth. It helps you better understand a baby's sleep cycles and habits...I think it gives really good information.

We never did CIO, not even for a minute. We did whatever it took to get baby to sleep (bouncing, nursing, rocking, etc.), and then we put them down to sleep. My oldest would wake up right away many times...she was a horrible sleeper, and had to sleep on someone for the first several months. She started to become a better sleeper around 8 months once we got her day time naps figured out. It was an exhausting time, but she turned into a great sleeper around 2 years old.

My younger DD was a much better sleeper from the start, but we still put her down only when she was sleeping.
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