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Re: Pls help! Toe hair tourniquet

The same thing happened to ds2 this summer- he was about 5 months. He got a hair wrapped around his finger, I noticed it while nursing him. I went to pull it off but instead pulled it tighter. Ugh, talk about a sickening feeling. I couldn't get it off and had to take him to the clinic. They had a tough time as well, and gave it one more go before they were going to send us to the ER (where they would have to make a little incision to get underneath it). This all happened the day before we left (with the 5 month old twins) for a trip to Maui, as if my day wasn't hectic enough!!

His finger was red, and had a line where the hair was for at least 24 hours. The redness went away, but the line stayed for a couple of days I think.

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